Digital Pi’s 2020 Master Your Marketo Event Is Almost Here!

We’re counting down the days until our Marketo Top Tips Event on October 28-29! Since we can hardly wait, we put these mini-videos together. Enjoy these sneak peeks into some of the sessions you don’t want to miss!

Scale Your Lead Scoring session

Lead scoring in Marketo is a must if you’re trying to scale, or even understand your current lead process. It’s not enough to push people through the funnel based on 1 or 2 interactions anymore. You need to carefully score the stages of engagement and give your sales team the information they need to convert leads.

FLEX Template session

Digital Pi has an answer for all your Marketo template questions: FLEX! This session covers everything you need to know to give your audience a seamlessly branded experience that’s easy to create.

To learn more about the event, register or read the official press release!

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