Digital Pi Recognized as Top 10 Marketing Automation Solution Providers 2016

Technology has radically redefined what makes successful marketing leaders in the last decade. Gone are the days when great marketing was attributed to resolving which shade of blue to use for the new logo. Knowing how to choose and wisely use the right mix of marketing technologies is table stakes to play in the CMO game. But marketing technology by itself doesn’t create revenue. Technology without the supporting pillars—vision, concrete goals, processes, and people to make it all work is a losing bet.

For Ryan Vong, Digital Pi’s CEO, client success begins by asking questions aimed at getting to the bottom of what defines the client’s supporting pillars. The Digital Pi team, comprised entirely of marketers who held marketing positions in companies, always listens carefully to clients with the empathic ears of practitioners who once stood in their shoes.

“We help our clients define the business outcomes they want in clear language they can use with their peers, and then apply our knowledge of marketing technologies to help them achieve their goals,” says Vong. “They quickly discover the benefits of leveraging the rich collective experience of our team to save time, reduce costs, and drive revenue.”

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“Marketing Tech Insights – Digital Pi: Automation Plain-speak”

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At Digital Pi, we use technology to connect revenue to marketing efforts. We fuse marketing strategies, processes, data and applications to make marketing technology solutions work for clients' businesses.

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