Content and Leads are Not Created Equal

I recently read an article by Jason Stewart (@jstewart_1) that has some good suggestions for moving your organization past the standard content lead scoring model. Leads are not like a batch of cookies, rather they are more like flavors of ice cream. Every one is different and should be treated differently. The same concept is true for content. An executive that downloads a late stage whitepaper should be treated differently than an intern that downloads an educational whitepaper.

For organizations looking to take scoring to the next level, the key is to score based on both the content request and the requester himself. Read on for more details.

Most lead scoring models fail — at least initially. It takes a little time to learn the implications of one simple, undeniable fact: not all content is created equal. Consider the typical program, powered and driven by the marketing automation platform of your choice. Leads are typically scored based […]

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