Change Management is Key to Sales and Marketing Initiatives

There is no easy button to automation. Process is key. This sounds like a simple concept but change management is one of top challenges for attaining marketing and sales automation success.

Habits are hard to change—just try to changing the behaviors and culture of an entire sales and marketing team so they all do the same thing. For example, one of the many elements of a marketing automation process is getting Sales reps to adjust the lifecycle status of a lead. Getting a team to do that consistently can take months.

I recently came across this article by Sales Benchmark Index that discusses how to build a structured change management plan. If you are thinking about shifting your organization’s way of thinking, read on…

“The culture of our organization is what will hold us back. We know what changes we need to make and the right solutions for our problems. That’s the easy part. Getting the organization to adopt them is far more difficult.” This statement was made by the president of a […]

John Kotter, the acknowledged thought leader in Change Management identifies 8 characteristics required for success:

  1. Sense of urgency
  2. Guiding leadership coalition
  3. Vision
  4. Communication of the Vision
  5. Empowering others to act on the Vision
  6. Short-term wins
  7. Consolidate improvements and produce more change
  8. Institutionalize new approachesYour chance of success is directly proportional to adoption of the solution. Learn from experts in change management. Build a solid foundation with a structured change management plan. Well-designed solutions powered by effective change management will enable you to Make the Number.

What is the Secret to Successful Sales Effectiveness Initiatives?

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