Avoid This Webinar Mistake and Be A Marketing Hero!

Imagine this: you are going to host a webinar on a platform that is integrated with Marketo. You build beautiful landing pages, set up emails, create a flawless registration process for your Marketo program. You get hundreds, no thousands of registrants. Miraculously 90% of them attended the webinar and let you know that they love your content. The sales team parades you around the office in your chair hoisted up on their shoulders chanting something like “Who do we love? Marketing! Why do we love them? Too many reasons to list!”

Then you snap back to reality from your daydream and realize that while all of that may in fact have been true, you’re faced with the minor inconvenience of the [silly] people who register for the webinar after the event has taken place. (Come on people, do you not look at the dates?). While this doesn’t seem like a huge deal, and really it’s not, it can still mess with your membership data (why are there 2 people sitting in the “registered” status when everyone else is distributed between “attended” and “no show”?), and it can cause those [silly] people to get a little annoyed that they can’t actually attend the live event.

While Marketo did promise landing page expiration settings at last year’s Summit, we’re still waiting for that feature so, in the meantime, here’s a simple way to manage your registration pages after a live event. The solution does require some time and planning but, if you incorporate it into your regular program checklist process, you really won’t notice a difference in the time it takes to optimize your events.

Some people’s first instinct is to edit the registration landing page copy as soon as the event is over to reflect some verbiage like, “sorry, this event has taken place”. We hesitate to make any changes to a registration page, because if you ever wanted to go back and assess what made this particular page have that killer conversion rate, or clone it for a future webinar’s page, you’ve lost all original copy. Instead, create a landing page in design studio that is a generic “sorry this event has already taken place” page, with a link to your on-demand recordings, resource library, whatever makes the most sense for your business. Then, set a reminder on your calendar for the day of the event and create a redirect rule in Admin from your registration page to this generic post-event page. (Note: to create a redirect rule, go into Admin>Landing Pages>Rules>New>New Redirect Rule).

The result is that you’ve prevented people from registering post-event, provided them a direct link to access recordings of other webinars (or even this one if you’re quick to post after the event is done!), and retained all original copy and layout of the registration page for reference. Now I’ll leave you get back to your daydreams about sales throwing confetti as you regally strut down the red carpet between cubicles…

– Vivi Gehan

It’s Hot in Boston – Drift Hypergrowth

The highly anticipated Hypergrowth event by Drift took place last week in the seaport district of Boston.

The sessions were sizzling on the 90-degree day. Thankfully, the event took place along Boston’s waterfront so we had a breeze in the open air venue.

Watching Drift’s growth has been pretty astounding. We found out the company has grown revenue 10X and 5X each of the past few years and is now over 200 employees–pretty amazing for a company that reinvented the website chat category.

Overall, roughly 4,500 folks signed up with about 1,000 in attendance. We heard from Casey Neistat, Ryan Deiss, David Cancel and others. My personal favorite was Casey Neistat who is the inspiration behind many of the videos I work on.  And what a crazy story–from living in a trailer park as a teenage dad to becoming one of the most popular filmmakers on the Youtube platform.

Here are the #PiLights (our version of Highlights!) on the event. Next up. #INBOUND.

Digital Pi Goes North – CONEX in Toronto

When one of your partners invites you to a conference in Toronto that’s all about Content Experience with awesome guest speakers, dj’s, singing, discos, axe-throwing and drinks it’s a pretty simple RSVP… YES!

Last week, our marketing guru’s hit #CONEX in Toronto at the beautiful Royal Conservatory for Music. This is the third annual conference that Uberflip has put on in their home city and it just keeps getting better.

With 700 marketers in attendance, the theme of the event was storytelling and how to craft a story that resonates with your audience. Whether you’re using the latest technology or reaching out directly with emails, the message is what really matters most.

Here are the #PiLights (our version of Highlights!) on the event. Next up. #INBOUND and #Hypergrowth in Boston.

FlipMyFunnel Hits Boston

I always love when events hit my home town of Boston. This past week, the Boston edition of #FlipMyFunnel was held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. In addition to cruising the show floor and seeing some keynotes, I also made sure some of my friends got a lesson in Boston accents (see video).

Overall, about a thousand marketers attended the event to learn about the latest trends in account-based marketing.  The bigger trend I saw was the transition to more authenticity in marketing. Sangram Vajre spoke about this specifically when discussing the Authenticity Curve. Check out his slides in the Twitter feed below.

Here’s my take on the event. Next up. Uberflip’s Conex event in Toronto.

Marketo Summit 2018 Highlights

Our new teammates from RevEngine Marketing have once again released their annual Marketo Summit highlights video for 2018. Check out the recap video below.

Thanks for watching, and we look forward to seeing you at the Marketo Summit in 2019 in Las Vegas!