CA Increases Nurture Engagement by 10X Using Acceleration

Every once in a while, you get an idea for a smart Marketo hack that makes perfect sense because it works so well. I had one of those and the result was amazing. We increased nurture engagement 10X when we sent the next sequential nurture email the following day instead of waiting! Here’s the story.

One of CA’s marketers asked if there was a way that I could configure an engagement program so that a new person would not have to wait to receive an email for the week or so until the next cast. For example, if I just cast an email yesterday, and the cadence is every two weeks, could I accelerate the process by sending them an email tomorrow—striking while the iron is hot!

One thing to note about CA Technologies’ engagement architecture is that we use programs within the streams to get more fine-grained reporting and control of our lead flow through engagement.

Here is the scenario BEFORE acceleration:

  1. Person clicks on a call to action from a stream-1-program-1 (S1A1) email and transitions to stream-2.
  2. Person waits until the cast before being sent the S2A1 email. This would usually be 14 days after their first click.

Here is the scenario AFTER acceleration:

  1. Person clicks on a call to action from a S1A1 email and transitions to stream 2.
  2. A batch program that runs the next morning sends the S2A1 email from stream 2 and adds the person as a member of the S2A1 program, so they will not get this email in the future. After that, they receive new stream 2 emails on the regular cadence.

The results were amazing. Before acceleration, we had a 3.7% click through rate, and we increased to a 38.5% click through rate by accelerating the sending of the next email!

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