Summer is Over, Huddle Up for Strong 4th Quarter

It’s football season and everyone is getting their weekly lineups together. Returning players know the plays, the coaches, the ins and outs of the season. Rookies however are still learning the team strategy, working hard to feel comfortable on the field, and figuring out what it takes to score big. They’re getting an education in these first few weeks of the season.

This same concept applies to bringing new marketing professionals up to speed when they come aboard, or are “Onboarding.” Take a break from setting your fantasy lineup and check out this blueprint for a new employee. Not only will it help the marketer, but it might also provide some new insights for your coaching staff, or marketing team.

The Onboarding Blueprint

  1. Give the Overview – Bring new employees up to speed on the basics: what the company does, its size, its target market, which marketing channels it uses, etc. Sound familiar? This is probably your corporate deck. Invest an hour or two and walk through it with your new marketing person.
  2. Review Success Metrics – Train on the KPIs that Marketing is responsible for and explain how those apply to the new hire. For example, if monthly MQLs are what the CMO uses to benchmark success, make sure the new webinar manager is creating webinars that push new leads to MQL.
  3.  Introduce the Employee to Sales – Giving Marketing the perspective of Sales helps build the ever important alignment.  Maybe have the new hire sit in for some sales calls and meet with 3-4 Sales reps, including the business development reps and the outside team.
  4. Train on Marketing Technology Platforms- Do a run-through of the marketing automation software and other digital marketing technologies such as webinar management tools to give the new employee an idea of technologies used at the organization.
    • Ease the fear of creating new emails or target lists by bringing in your marketing operations guru to provide the overview. The idea here is not to go deep with training but to provide an overview of all the technologies the marketing team utilizes. This helps promote cross functional expertise.
  5. Shadow Someone – Have the new employee spend a day or half a day with an experienced marketing employee in the same department. This should give the new hire a comfort level with the job function he or she will be performing.
  6. Deep Dive into Training – After the first five steps, the new employee should have a pretty decent idea of what is happening at the organization. Now it’s time to dive deeper into the new hire’s specific function. The new hire should review any documentation on processes and begin diving into the day-to-day technologies. For example, a new marketing operation manager would dive into the marketing automation platform to learn how to import lists, set lead scoring, adjust nurturing and more. Many digital marketing technology providers offer some online training, so make sure the new employee takes advantage of that.
  7. Review and Reinforce Goals – After a week plus of training, the new hire will feel like he or she is drinking from a fire hose. The new marketer will not retain everything so now is a good time to provide a refresher on goals, KPIs and other top points. As a manager, this step offers you the peace of mind to trust your new hire to follow process accurately.

In order to successfully bring your new employees on board, training is needed. Whether you use a blueprint like above, or create your own, set up your employee for success with proper training.

And next time someone on your team makes a “rookie mistake” try to remember everything they’re learning and cut them some slack!


Jeff Coveney

It’s Hot in Boston – Drift Hypergrowth

The highly anticipated Hypergrowth event by Drift took place last week in the seaport district of Boston.

The sessions were sizzling on the 90-degree day. Thankfully, the event took place along Boston’s waterfront so we had a breeze in the open air venue.

Watching Drift’s growth has been pretty astounding. We found out the company has grown revenue 10X and 5X each of the past few years and is now over 200 employees–pretty amazing for a company that reinvented the website chat category.

Overall, roughly 4,500 folks signed up with about 1,000 in attendance. We heard from Casey Neistat, Ryan Deiss, David Cancel and others. My personal favorite was Casey Neistat who is the inspiration behind many of the videos I work on.  And what a crazy story–from living in a trailer park as a teenage dad to becoming one of the most popular filmmakers on the Youtube platform.

Here are the #PiLights (our version of Highlights!) on the event. Next up. #INBOUND.

FlipMyFunnel Hits Boston

I always love when events hit my home town of Boston. This past week, the Boston edition of #FlipMyFunnel was held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. In addition to cruising the show floor and seeing some keynotes, I also made sure some of my friends got a lesson in Boston accents (see video).

Overall, about a thousand marketers attended the event to learn about the latest trends in account-based marketing.  The bigger trend I saw was the transition to more authenticity in marketing. Sangram Vajre spoke about this specifically when discussing the Authenticity Curve. Check out his slides in the Twitter feed below.

Here’s my take on the event. Next up. Uberflip’s Conex event in Toronto.

Big Sky Big Ideas – Our Montana Adventure

Last week, we headed out to the PFL Big Sky, Big Ideas event in Bozeman Montana.

If you have never visited Montana, make sure to put that on your bucket list. Before the event I had a chance to check out Yellowstone with my daughter–an amazing experience.

Oh yeah, the event.

  • PFL hosted about 100 top marketing leaders and partners at their offices for a personal tour of the facilities.
  • We got a close up of some specialized machinery like the guillotine cutter (don’t worry, it just cuts your business cards!)
  • Next, we were off to downtown Bozeman for a day of sessions with Sangam Vajre, Peter Coffee, Evan Liang and other great marketing minds where the topics du jour included engagement marketing and authenticity marketing.

Check out the video for the highlights and stick around for the outtakes – and special thanks to Andrew Field and the PFL team for hosting.