Marketing 101 for MSPs: Marketing Automation

Marketing 101 for MSPs: Marketing Automation

I like keeping things low-key so when I was asked to contribute to a white paper for MSPs (Managed Service Providers) on marketing automation it took me by surprise. It suddenly felt like I had to represent all of us who toil in this art each day and that pressure started to build as we got closer to the first outline. The big question was:

What do I say and how can I put all of these evolving concepts into a paper that is useful and not theoretical?

I’ve spent so much time reading white papers and they’ve become the industry standard in getting the initial inquiry. Catchy titles are great, but I’ve always wanted substance….something the reader who doesn’t have an frame of reference can easily get.

It took a few weeks and I never thought these many pages for a 101 on the topic would come out of this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in putting it together.

Thanks to Ken Vanderweel and Randy Budde for making it such a smooth process.

Here’s a direct link to the paper: Marketing 101 for MSPs: Marketing Automation

Ryan focuses on helping companies get rapid and meaningful insights into their automation investments. He was previously featured on the cover of “Marketing Tech Insights” magazine, “Think Big, Start Small” as a featured entrepreneur and previously led the marketing automation and online practices for various Silicon Valley start-ups. He is passionate about the future of marketing technology but also believes that any approach should be guided by the core principles of “simple” and “practical”.