10 Marketing Automation Top Tips – The Wrapup

The presents are opened and now it’s time to go try out your favorites.

From sales alignment to snippets to tokens, here are 10 marketing automation tips with a Marketo twist to get your marketing automation system humming.

We have released ten marketing automation tips  to make you a little more productive. Like presents, some are small, some are big–but enjoy them all.

ClockTime Tip #1 – Add Time Zone Link to Webinar Invites – With the addition of four words to your invites, marketers can provide a more localized experience in less than a minute. Read More….
How to improve global forms? Tip #2 – Improve Your Global Form Experience – Ever get a gift that makes no sense? That’s the feeling your visitors get when you ask them irrelevant questions. Read More….
SinppetDollarphotoclub_69277260_200PX Tip #3 – Build Reusable Offers With Snippets – A Snippet is more than the hair that gets cut off your head in the barber’s chair. Read about the importance of leveraging reusable content to cut down the time of overall marketing management. Read More…. 
 Tip #4 – Celebrate Wins and Build Alignment with SalesWin_Dollarphotoclub_73150274_200PX – Does a tree that falls in the middle of the woods make a sound? Marketing should always communicate wins. Read More….
 Tip #5 – Arm Sales with Intelligence with Sales InsightArm sales with right intelligence tools – Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Give Sales what it needs to succeed. Read More.
 Tip #6 – Don’t Forget Your Plain Text Email – Plain text formatted emails best practicesText formatted emails are like zombies–dead, but not really dead. Learn a few quick tips for optimizing plain text emails. Read More….
 Tip #7 – Put Down the Pepto: Reduce Marketing Automation Stress Remove marketing automation stress– It’s 7:23 am. Do you know if all of your hot webinar leads have moved over to Sales? Learn how to get proactive to find issues before they become big issues. Read More….
 Tip #8 – Gain Insight into Your Lead LifecycleMarketing automation funnel –  The goal of a lead funnel is to have leads go into the top of the funnel and come out the other end with dollar signs attached. Learn the importance of date stamping as part of this process. Read More….
 Tip #9 – Cut Marketing Effort in Half with Program Tokenswork smarter advice – A token is more than what you get at the arcade. Program tokens separate the great digital marketers from the rest of the pack. Read how to leverage tokens within your marketing automation system. Read More….
 TWord cloud for Suppression listip #10 – Improve Results with Global Suppression Lists – Keeping people out of your campaigns is just as important as putting people in. Competitors? Problem accounts? Learn how to keep these out of your campaigns. Read More….

Have your own tips for success, email me–I’d love to share them as part of a future post.

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