Nikki Cutts

Manager, Client Services


Nikki has over 13 years of experience in marketing communications, project management, and marketing operations. First introduced to Marketo as a project manager, she quickly saw the potential in the tool and just had to learn how to use it to help her clients and team. She jumped to become a Marketo Certified Expert and hasn’t looked back since. Bonus: her background in project management and love for learning, organizing, and planning has been incredibly helpful for managing Marketo projects.

Prior to Digital Pi, Nikki worked in various B2B marketing roles in both client and agency settings using Marketo, but also picked up knowledge and experience using other marketing automation tools along the way. Additionally, she’s continued to refine her expertise in project management processes and methodologies to remain relevant.

She currently lives in Arizona with her husband, son, and dog. In her free time, she likes spending time with the family, baking, sampling bourbon, and adding peanut butter & banana to most foods.


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