Mauricio Caicedo

Senior Manager, Client Services


After working with different marketing automation platforms, Mauricio became a Marketo fan, ambassador and certified expert. He has worked in Marketo consulting since early 2017, collaborating with companies across several industries, form non-for-profit to global brands. Mauricio has a keen eye for data quality management, as he believes it is the foundation for successful automation campaigns. He is a Colombian national, with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a Master’s in marketing from the University of Technology Sydney. Mauricio brings in a process & data-driven mindset, which is complemented by his motivation to see projects transform into outstanding results. He will do whatever it takes to see clients succeed.

Before joining Digital Pi, Mauricio worked in a wide variety of roles, from planning ice cream production to forecasting budgets and executing marketing campaigns. Also, he wore the entrepreneurial hat as the founder of BC Tours, a guided cycling tour operator in Colombia. Beyond his professional live, Mauricio loves to travel around the world to get to know new cultures, people and to try new foods.


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