Dina Hubel

Manager, Client Services


Dina is a Marketo enthusiast and has a passion for all things email related. She has a Bachelors in Design Management from Arizona State University and a Masters in Strategic Communications from National University. She started working at a small company and discovered a passion for marketing, which she transitioned into a career all about Marketo.  She has worked with Marketo for over 5 years and is always excited to see what new things it can do.  She enjoys coming up with strategic plans and then figuring out ways to execute that plan.

Prior to starting at Digital Pi Dina has worked for everything from a Fortune 500 Company to a small 40 person start up company. As a result, she has been everything from the sole Marketo Admin to being on a 20 person marketing team. She loves getting her hands dirty and really digging into Marketo to make it hum. When she is not working in Marketo she loves to make home made cards for people and going out to live theater shows.


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