Caroline Carlos

Manager, Client Services


Caroline is a marketer who’s jumped between tech, hospitality, and nonprofit. Since being bitten by the Marketo bug, she’s become an enthusiast of email marketing and system troubleshooting. Still, she likes to dabble in projects that involve copywriting or websites, or both. Often overcome by curiosity, she’s drawn to dipping her hands in all sorts of jars – hey, it’s proof she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, right? Let’s just hope that curiosity doesn’t get her into too much trouble someday.

With a love of travel and a penchant for languages, Caroline can frequently be found planning her next trip (not during a global pandemic) or scratching her head over the bewildering syntax of foreign idioms. Need to track her down? She’s probably the kitchen, stuffing her face with some type of dessert. That, or she’s lost in a bakery display. We wish you luck in luring her out.


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